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Compare UK motorbike insurance


At a glance

  • Motorbike insurance is a legal requirement if you want to ride on UK roads.
  • The cost of motorbike insurance will vary depending on the type of bike you own, the level of cover you need and your personal circumstances (age, claims history, etc.).
  • Comparing motorbike insurance quotes is essential if you want to get the best deals.

How much does motorbike insurance cost?

This will depend on your specific requirements, together with the kind of cover you’re looking for and the amount of excess you have to pay. There are three main kinds of cover to consider: 

  • Third-party, which covers any injury or damage caused to other people or their property as a result of your actions.
  • Third-party, fire and theft. As above, plus the cost of repairing or replacing the bike following theft or damage caused by fire.
  • Fully comprehensive. This includes cover for all of the above, but as well as for yourself and your bike should you be injured or the bike damaged following an accident. 

Fully comprehensive tends to be the most expensive type of insurance, but there are other factors that go into the cost as well. Your premiums can be affected by the kind of bike you ride (more powerful bikes will have higher premiums as they’re deemed higher risk), it’s insurance group, how much it’s worth and where you store it, as well as your driving history, your age, location and even your occupation. New riders will typically pay much higher premiums than someone who’s built up several years of no claims bonuses, for example, so it’s important to compare quotes to find the kind of ballpark figure you can expect to pay.

What insurance group is my motorbike?

There are as many as 22 possible insurance groups that your motorbike could fall into, though most bikes in the UK will be classed between groups three and 17. The lower the number, the cheaper your insurance is likely to be, though there’s no hard and fast rule on what group your bike will fall into – different insurers have different criteria and as such will categorise your bike differently. 

That said, the scale normally depends on the performance and engine size of the motorcycle, so 125cc motorbikes will usually be in the lower insurance groups (typically between groups three and six), while high-performance bikes of 700cc and above will generally be in higher-numbered groups (17+). Though the exact placement of your bike will always depend on the individual insurer. 


Featured motorbike insurance providers

  • Swinton

    Swinton Motorbike Insurance - One of the UKs leading motorbike insurance brokers and offers:

    • European cover - Comes as standard with every motorbike insurance purchase - up to 90 days per year and 30 days per trip.
    • Cover multiple bikes - Cover up to four motorbikes on one multi-bike insurance policy.
    • An experienced team - Our insurance specialists are happy to answer any questions on live chat or over the phone.
  • The Bike Insurer
    • 95% of reviewers would recommend The Bike Insurer
    • Prices from over 35 providers when you quote online
    • 51% of customers paid £222.94 or less for their motorbike insurance between 1 January 2023 and 31 March 2023.


  • Carole Nash
    • Up to £100,000 legal cover for non-fault accidents
    • Homestart cover
    • UK & European breakdown cover
    • Motorbike call centre specialists
    • 24/7 specialist claim line
  • Mackenzie Hodgson

    Policy Benefits

    •  Motor Legal Expenses Cover - It covers your legal costs to help you recover a policy excess, loss of earnings, hire of another vehicle and compensation for any injury you suffer as a result of an accident which is not your fault. Motor Legal Expenses Cover is included as standard in all our policies.
    • Breakdown Cover - Breakdown Cover is included as standard in all our policies. With our breakdown cover you will be covered should your motorcycle breakdown anywhere in the UK, including your home and Europe 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

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What does fully comprehensive motorbike insurance cover?

Fully comprehensive motorbike insurance will cover you against any damage caused to a third party, or to your bike as a result of fire damage or theft, and will also provide cover in the event of you causing an accident or where no-one was at fault. This will include cover for damage done to yourself as well as your bike, with any repair costs included in the policy. It’s the most expensive kind of motorbike insurance, because you’re getting the highest level of financial protection. 

Fully comprehensive policies may provide additional levels of protection too, either as standard or as paid-for extras, such as legal cover, personal accident cover, breakdown assistance and pillion cover. You may also find cover for your leathers and helmet, and even lost keys, and some policies will offer European cover for an additional cost. 

Is motorbike insurance cheaper than car insurance?

Typically speaking, yes, motorbike insurance can be cheaper than car insurance. On average, motorbike insurance will be around half the cost of the typical car insurance premium, largely thanks to the lower cost of motorbikes compared to cars. This means they’re cheaper to fix and replace, and any property damage following an accident tends to be cheaper, too. However, it’s important to find suitable quotes and compare them accordingly in order to determine the exact price you’ll pay. 

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Why is my motorbike insurance so high?

This could be due to any number of different factors, from your age to the kind of bike you ride, and even where you store your bike overnight. If you’re a new rider who’s splashed out on a vintage, high-powered bike where parts are difficult to source and the bike expensive to replace, you’ll probably pay more than an experienced rider with a less powerful model who stores it in a locked garage rather than on the street. It’s worth speaking to your insurer if you want to delve into the details of your quote and look for ways you can bring the cost down. 


How to reduce the cost of your motorbike insurance over time

One of the best ways to reduce the cost of your motorbike insurance over time is to build up a few years of no claims bonuses. This shows that you’re less of a risk to insure, and your premiums could be lower accordingly. Other things you can do include improving your motorbike’s security with alarms and immobilisers, parking it in a locked garage rather than a driveway, and avoiding modified or rare bikes. You may also want to consider taking additional motorbike training as some insurers will offer a discount if you’ve taken an advanced riding course, or even increasing the voluntary excess, if you’ll be able to afford to cover the cost in the even of a claim. 

Yet you also need to make sure that you compare quotes every year when it’s time to renew. Providers rarely reward loyalty when it comes to insurance, so never sign a contract (or forget and see it renew automatically) before seeing what else is out there. 

Is motorbike gap insurance worth it?

Gap insurance is a specific type of protection that covers the difference between the amount you paid for your motorbike, and the amount you’d be offered by the insurance company to replace it if it was stolen or written off. It can be useful if you bought your bike brand new, for example, when depreciation means there’s likely to be a dramatic difference between the price you paid and what it could be worth in a few years’ time. It could also be beneficial if you bought your bike on finance, and would therefore still owe the full loan amount even if it was written off. Yet it won’t be essential for everyone, it’s important to carefully consider the options available to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Read more in our guide to gap insurance

Motorbike insurance FAQs

Can I insure a motorbike without a licence?

Yes. In fact you’re legally required to insure any motorbike you own and intend to ride, whether or not you’ve got a licence. This may apply if you’re a learner rider, as you’ll need to insure your bike while you’re practicing, though you’ll still be required to have a provisional driving licence (with motorbike entitlement) before you’ll be allowed on the road. If you own a motorbike but don’t plan to ride it for a while – perhaps you’re not ready to start learning or have had your licence suspended – your only option to avoid insurance is to declare it off the road via the SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) process.

Can you tax a motorbike without insurance?

No. You’ll need to have your motorbike insured before you can tax it; the DVLA will require proof before you can tax the bike.

Can I ride a motorbike on my car insurance?

No. You’ll need a separate motorbike insurance policy in order to legally ride on the road.

Can you insure a motorbike for a weekend?

Yes! Temporary motorbike insurance can cover you for as little as a day to a few months and beyond, so it’s perfectly possible to arrange motorbike insurance for a weekend. This kind of cover can be particularly suitable if you’re borrowing a friend’s bike for a weekend, or perhaps only ride seasonally, and don’t want the expense of an annual policy.

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