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Published: 15/02/2024
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Last updated: 15 February 2024 at 17:00

Easy access accounts remain attractive with high interest rates, while several fixed rate accounts and notice accounts provide returns that exceed inflation

Even though inflation has stayed at 4%, many savings accounts now offer returns surpassing inflation, topping 5% AER. Easy access accounts remain high, with many rates over 5% AER. Meanwhile, those looking to lock into a competitive rate can find many fixed bonds continuing to offer rates above this threshold.

For savers seeking higher returns and willing to provide notice, some notice accounts offer competitive rates exceeding 5.30% AER.

We've outlined the best rates for easy access, fixed and notice accounts below, with products available to new customers with deposits up to £10,000. Higher rates may be accessible to existing customers or those willing to save more than £10,000.

For a comprehensive overview of the savings market and more options, please refer to our charts.

Easy Access Accounts

Ulster Bank maintains its position at the top of our easy access chart with its Loyalty Saver account, offering 5.20% AER, with interest paid yearly on balances exceeding £5,000 (or 2.25% AER for deposits below this threshold). This account can be opened online, over the phone or by mobile app with no initial deposit, and can also be managed by the same channels, as well as in branch. Further additions are allowed with no restrictions, as well as unlimited penalty-free withdrawals. However, this rate can only be accessed by Ulster Bank current account holders, so a current account will need to be opened with this provider to access this rate.

Following closely behind, Paragon Bank’s Double Access Savings Account – Issue 6 offers 5.16% AER, with interest paid on anniversary. Opening this online-only account requires a minimum £1,000 deposit, further additions to which can be made via a nominated account. However, if more than two withdrawals are made within a 12-month period, savers will receive a lower rate of 1.50% AER.

In comparison, Coventry BS’s online-only Triple Access Saver (Online) (2) provides a marginally lower rate of 5.15% AER, with interest paid on anniversary. This account can be opened with a minimal £1 deposit and, as its name suggests, allows for three penalty-free withdrawals per year. While further withdrawals are allowed, these will be subject to 50 days’ loss of interest.

Best Fixed Rate Bonds

SmartSave leads both our one year and three year fixed bond charts this week with its online-only 1 and 3 Year Fixed Rate Savers. The 1 Year Fixed Rate Saver now provides 5.21% AER, while the 3 Year Fixed Rate Saver offers 4.61% AER, with both paying interest on maturity. However, a significant minimum £10,000 deposit is required to open either account, with further additions allowed for 14 days from opening. Like most fixed bond accounts, early access isn’t permitted.

Meanwhile, four providers top our two year fixed bond chart, offering a competitive 5.10% AER. iFAST Global Bank continues to offer this rate with its digital Fixed Term Deposit account. This account can be opened and managed online or via mobile app with no minimum deposit and pays interest on maturity. You’ll need to consider your opening amount carefully, though, as neither further additions nor withdrawals are allowed.

Allied Irish Bank (GB) and AIB (NI) also maintain joint-top position with their online Fixed Rate Saver accounts paying 5.10% AER. Opening either of these accounts will require a £5,000 minimum deposit, with interest paid on anniversary. The account from Allied Irish Bank (GB) can be opened and managed online only, but you’ll need to hold or open a payment account with this provider before applying. Similarly, you’ll need an AIB (NI) payment account to access its rate either online or in branch. This account can then additionally be managed by post. Keep in mind, neither permit further additions nor withdrawals.   

Additionally, two fixed bond accounts from Market Harborough BS also offer 5.10% AER until these accounts mature on 31 March 2026. Both accounts can be opened online and in branch with a £5,000 minimum deposit, with further additions allowed for 10 days from account opening. While the Fixed Term Bond 29 (31.03.2026) account pays interest yearly, the Fixed Term Bond 30 (31.03.2026) offers monthly interest, with the option to have it paid away or compounded. However, early access is prohibited for both accounts.

If you’re looking for a longer-term bond, Isbank and Atom Bank lead our five year fixed bond chart, offering 4.50% AER. Isbank’s Raisin UK – 5 Year Fixed Term Deposit account can be opened online and by app via third-party savings platform, Raisin UK, with a £1,000 initial deposit, and managed through the same channels.

Alternatively, Atom Bank’s mobile-based 5 Year Fixed Saver pays either yearly or monthly interest, with the option for interest to be paid away or compounded. Opening an account will require a smaller £50 initial deposit, and further additions are allowed for one week from account opening.

Notice Accounts Saving Rates

Despite offering a lower rate, FirstSave remains a leader on our 30 day notice chart with its new FirstSave 30 Day Notice Account (Feb24), providing 4.85% AER, with interest paid on anniversary. This account can be opened online with a £100 minimum deposit, and then managed online, via post or telephone. However, if you opt for a slightly larger initial deposit of £5,000, a monthly interest option is available. Although additional deposits can be made without restrictions, withdrawals will require prior notice. Early access is allowed though, but will incur a 30-day loss of interest penalty.

QIB (UK) now offers the best rate on our 60 day notice chart with its online-only Raisin UK - 60 Day Notice Account offering an expected profit rate of 5.35% AER monthly. You’ll need a minimum deposit of £1,000 to open and manage this account online or by mobile app via the third-party savings platform, Raisin UK. Savers will need to withdraw the full balance subject to the 60-days’ notice if they want to access their funds, as partial withdrawals are not allowed. Early access and further additions are prohibited.

For those looking to secure a competitive rate with a longer notice period, Vanquis Bank’s 90 Day Notice Account (Issue 3) provides the best rate on our 90 day notice chart, at 5.40% AER, paid on anniversary. You’ll need to provide a £1,000 opening deposit to open and manage this account online. Withdrawals are permitted subject to providing notice, but there is no option to gain earlier access.


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