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Published: 13/10/2017
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Friday 13th may be unlucky for some, but interestingly, this means people may actually take more care, with average claims costs falling dramatically on this supposedly unlucky date.

Research from home insurance provider Policy Expert shows that, not only are there far fewer claims on this day compared with the monthly average, but insurance claims costs are dramatically lower, as cautious Brits watch what they're doing.

For example, in January this year, the average claim cost for a typical day stood at £1,571, while on Friday 13th of that month the average was £373 less at £1,198. The difference is even more dramatic in some years, with the average claim cost for a typical day in March 2015 standing at £2,231, falling to £993 on Friday 13th (a drop of £1,208), while in June 2014 the figures stood at £2,021 and £680 respectively (down £1,341).

December 2013 saw the biggest difference of all in recent years, with the average claim cost for the month standing at £2,317, falling to a mere £895 on Friday 13th, a difference of £1,422. Indeed, Policy Expert has noticed this pattern for the last eight consecutive dates, so it seems that Brits are a seriously superstitious bunch!

However, it also suggests that this particular superstition may actually have a positive trade-off, as it encourages people to take extra care and exercise an extra level of caution for fear of being hit with a bout of bad luck. It could even mean insurance premiums don't take quite such a hit, helping you keep costs under control.

But what kind of thing are Brits scared of? Well, the tried and trusted superstitions still have their place, with 23% saying that walking under ladders will bring bad luck, while 21% say the same about smashed mirrors and 19% would never leave new shoes on the table.

Other bad luck omens cited by Brits include opening an umbrella inside, spilling salt and not throwing it over your shoulder, leaving your wallet on the floor, and walking over three drains in a row, and it seems that many will be extra cautious of such matters today!

"Friday 13th is renowned for being unlucky, and our figures show Brits are as superstitious as ever," said Adam Powell, head of Operations at Policy Expert. "In fact, the nation is taking so much care on the luckless date that claims actually fall.

"That said, if you're one of the millions of people watching your step this Friday 13th, make sure your home insurance policy is up to date and you've checked the small print to avoid any nasty surprises should you encounter a black cat, smashed mirror or the number 13."

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Check your home insurance policy so you know exactly what you're covered for. If it isn't as comprehensive as you'd like, talk to your insurer to see if changes can be made, or compare home insurance policies if it's time to renew and see if you can snap up a better deal.


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